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Executive & Leadership Team Coaching

Unleash the power of leadership with bespoke coaching programs to enhance your leadership skills, foster effective team dynamics, and drive growth. We work alongside you to develop the strategies and mindset needed to lead with confidence and inspire your team.

Search Fund Coaching

You’ve acquired a business, the real work has started, and you are under pressure to deliver while reinventing yourself, your life and your business. We offer a confidential thinking space for personal reflection, tailor-made to develop your leadership and performance as a first-time CEO.

Business Coaching

Change is hard. Achieve your most challenging goals and enhance the value of your business. We employ proven tools, methods and frameworks to drive revenue, streamline operations, optimise resource allocation, and maximise cashflow, profitability, and valuation.

We will guide you through critical junctures like funding rounds, leadership transitions, hypergrowth, technology innovation, process and culture change, succession planning, and successful exits so that you can thrive amidst change.

Ritz Steytler

Executive Coach

I am an accomplished CEO, serial entrepreneur, non-executive director, and investor dedicated to igniting change through leadership and technology.

With a proven track record in building technology businesses spanning over three decades, I specialise in the change and transformation of leaders and their businesses, ranging from startups to growth-stage to large multinationals. I particularly enjoy working in fluid, challenging situations and helping to build sustainable, learning businesses that continuously improve.

I am a successful former search fund entrepreneur, having acquired, developed and exited a payments technology business. I am active in the search fund community as an investor, board member and coach.

Most recently, I have been working with several leading-edge technology ventures, including SaaS, artificial intelligence and video analytics, cybersecurity, B2B marketplaces, and small and large £multi-million charities.

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